Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes - Gray,Medium

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  • Ideal for small to large size cats up to 30lbs,1-3 cats
  • Multi-platform cat tree with scratching posts
  • Helps keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, and more
  • Carpeted platforms provide space to relax, play, and climb
  • Natural jute fiber scratching posts help keep nails healthy
  • Neutral color tones fit in with your home’s existing décor

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Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes

Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes

Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes

Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes

Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes

Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes

Basics Cat Tree with Platform, Regular Sizes

From the manufacturer

AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree

Give your kitty the purrrrrfect playground with the AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree. This deluxe, scratch-friendly environment allows your pet to relax or entertain themselves for hours on end, keeping their claws busy and their mind content. Place near your cat’s favorite window or anywhere he or she likes to spend time, and watch the fun begin. The multi-level tree is a great deterrent for cats with a proclivity for scratching things they shouldn’t, such as drapes, blinds, furniture, and more.

  • Multi-tiered tree for cats

  • Includes carpeted platforms and scratching posts

  • Satisfies your cat’s urge to climb and scratch

  • Scratchable pillars made with natural, durable jute rope

  • Rough texture contributes to healthy nails

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Interactive Play Design

Interactive Play Design

Featuring a naturally fibrous construction, your cat will take great joy in clawing the rope pillars and hopping between platforms. The AmazonBasics cat tree provides satisfying scratch-ability, making this design an instant favorite. Constructed with natural jute fiber, plush carpeting, and sturdy chipboard, this product offers long-lasting quality and durability.

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Satisfy Your Cat’s Urge to Scratch & Climb

Satisfy Your Cat’s Urge to Scratch & Climb

A go-to spot for releasing energy, relaxing, or satisfying the urge to scratch and climb, your furry friend will truly appreciate the AmazonBasics tiered cat tree. An endless source of fun, he or she will spend hours interacting with this product’s multiple features. Cats have a natural impulse to sharpen and condition their nails through scratching, removing dead layers and generally following their instincts. By providing an outlet for these compulsions, you’ll save yourself from potential property damage — and keep your kitty happy and healthy at the same time.

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Beige, Gray


Medium, Multi-Platform, Platform, Small

  1. Easy to Assemble. Alittle small for big cats. More for Kittens. If they had a bigger one I would buy it.

  2. We have 3 cats, every morning they would get up and scratch my couch as their morning routine. My daughter’s cat was the worst. While it was being assembled the cats started playing with the scratching post and the boxes. Since we have it up and in place, they have not even gone to the couch anymore (knock on wood). Thumbs up

  3. It’s the perfect size. It’s a little smaller than I expected but it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It’s orett sturdy and seems to made out of sturdy material, except for the top rim part. That part feels easily bendable or breakable. I put it together in less than five minutes (probably could’ve done it quicker but our kitties wanted to assist). Both cats loved it! My 4 month old kitten wasn’t too interested until the older kitty started climbing on it, and then both were playing and scratching on it until they each fell asleep! Really good for the price, I have no complaints.

  4. Have been looking at cat trees in pet supply stores for years but always found them too expensive or too ugly or both. I found several that looked very nice in the Amazon Basics line. This piece arrived on-time with all pieces included and aid instruction booklet that gives you a inventory list of pieces and step-by-step assembly diagrams.

  5. We’ve had it for a few days and both cats seem to like it. Honey (shorthair tiger) is 9lbs, and Elsa (longhair gray&white) is12lbs, it holds them both just fine on the top platform. It wobbles a little when they jump off, but not like it’s going to tip. We purchased it specifically for this window in our bedroom. It was easy to assemble, but I think it’s priced a little high. The platforms have no padding and you can see the staples on the scratching post. We’ll see over time how it holds up and I’ll update this review accordingly.

  6. This was super easy to assemble. It was thoughtfully packaged so bolts wouldn’t tear the box or fabric. I purchased it to put under a built up desk made from a door so my cats have a place to be while I am on the computer. It is compact and sturdy – I don’t think my big cats will have any issues.

  7. I noticed that how my big white fat cat (rescued semi-feral from the streets) loves to sit in mid-height cat beds/trees. So bought this one for him. He usually likes to sit at about 24 inches above the floor. This was easy to assemble. Feels sturdy. Now he sits on this tree except on the small lower platform. Why?!? His body is too big for the small platform. Got a pic of his back with his fat body. Cats are weird but we love them still.

  8. Cat loves to scratch on it. She’s 20 lbs so she doesn’t fit in the middle portion. I wish that was detachable so she could get more out of the scratching post. The piece is not that sturdy, if she jumps on it it wobbles. The top is also very hard. She does not lay on the top portion at all unless there is a blanket on it.

  9. I needed to throw out some 20+ year old chairs that came with the condo I bought. Of course Carol Anne used both chairs. Given the lack of cushion and possible dry rot they were not only unfit for people but cheap and tacky looking.Anyway. This is one of the two new cat trees I bought my girl. She is old and does not jump well any more so I wanted something low to the ground and this size is perfect.Assemble was easy but I have a lot of experience. Item was well shipped and nothing arrived damaged. There were no missing pieces either. I would recommend it.

  10. My cat is older and chunky. He weighs almost 19 lbs, and doesn’t jump any higher than the couch. I needed a cat tree that wasn’t to high and that had a big enough perch for him to lounge on. This one was easy to put together and very sturdy. I did purchase some spray cat nip to lure him to it, and he immediately went to it. He spends hours sitting in the window and lounging it. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  11. This is perfect for under my window!! Exactly as pictured. I’ve notice on other cat trees the spot for the cats to sleep or rest is more kitten size then full grown cat size. I love that the big shelf is large enough for my full size cats.

  12. I got this for my cats and was so excited. Cats being cats choose not to use it. I was so bummed, then about 3 weeks ago, I found one cat on it, then the second one. They love it! Now they use it all the time. I am so happy. They are older cats so wanted to make their life more pampered… and this does. so if you get it and your cats ignore it…. just leave it and wait. Took mine about one month to use it, and now they use it all the time! Very sturdy ( I have one cat who weighs 14 pounds) was very easy to assemble and cleans easy

  13. My two cats love this. They are older, about 10 pounds, and not terribly rambunctious, so this is sturdy enough for them. It is small, but fits the purpose for which I bought it. I wanted to raise them up to where they could see out the window and get off the floor. Without a fight, each immediately chose the level he wanted. It might not be sturdy enough for a large cat–both size-wise and weight-wise–but for smaller guys and gals, it is perfect.

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