Chlorhexidine 2% for Horses & Dogs, One Gallon - 1 gallon

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  • Antibacterial aqueous cleaning solution to be applied on superficial cuts abrasions or insect stings
  • For use on horses and dogs
  • Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Provides residual effect up to 2 days
  • Made in the USA

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Chlorhexidine 2% for Horses & Dogs, One Gallon

Product description

Size:1 gallon

Antibacterial| effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria| provides residual effect up to 2 days| actions not affected by blood pus or soaps| for use on horses and dogs| one gallon| also available in 16 oz www nrsworld com/Durvet/Durvet Chlorhexidine disinfectant 16oz 148393 | 001 0258|


1 gallon

  1. I have looked for a long time to the solution to the mildewed sweaty work shirts. This is it. You can’t pour bleach on colored clothes. Add a cup of this to the wash load with hot water and all the mildew is gone. I let mine sit in the washer for about 30 minutes and then wash them normal. They come out smelling brand new with no chemical scent whatsoever. A++ on the shipping too.. It was in a sealed bag with the lid completely taped closed.

  2. Thrilled to find this online. Very Reasonable price. It’s the key ingredient of a dog shampoo sold by the vet. Our dog has skin issues allergies that causes him To scratch and damage skin. This is an antibacterial and we use it instead of dog shampoo after treating him with a vinegar and Teatree oil mixture for his chronic yeast infection. This has saved us tons of money. Any other dog shampoo causes him to itch like crazy and after we discovered this treatment combo we have a healthier (healing) happier dog and money in our bank account. Read the instructions on how to delete this product. We put it in a foaming pump bottle and that makes it easy to apply without it running right off his body. Hope this helps other pet owners!

  3. I use this for cleaning reptile enclosures and dog bowls. It is great for getting nasty residue off quickly and is completely animal safe unlike vinegar or bleach! It can also be used for treating wounds as well, which I love. Diluted down, it lasts forever as well. Overall, this is my go-to all-around animal cleaner

  4. Same exact product that they charged over $100 a gallon for for humans! I’m a massage therapist I use this in my soap to wash my arms and hands after I have touched patients. I use it to spritz things patients have touched to make sure it’s sterile. I use it to clean cutting boards and counters after I’ve messed with meat! Because that’s what grocery stores and butchers are required by law to use because it’s the only thing non-toxic that can come in contact with food and kill germs does yet not contaminate the food source. I absolutely love this! There’s no reason to pay five times as much for the quote-unquote “human product” it’s just a scam! Same exact thing that I have been ordering for use in my spa I now just simply get the animal version and save myself tons of money! It doesn’t say it’s for animal use on the bottle it has the same exact labels as the supposed human version. They only make one chlorhexidine and then it’s just marketed differently. Have been ordering this brand for years now and always happy with the product.

  5. This product is invaluable for cleaning reptile enclosures! Removes the scent of soiled areas almost immediately! I found out about this product on “Snake Discovery” on YouTube. See her videos for great info on cleaning. Just be sure to dilute it accordingly.I use this for my Bearded Dragon, Leopard geckos and Ball Python.A gallon is cheap considering how long it last. It kills Salmonella so that’s also a plus.

  6. Great for cleaning & disinfecting. Even great for animal shelters or foster homes, has never destroyed the colors. Once you use it let it dry & it’s safe! Used this for many years now. Best price for cleaning anything! 1 capful to 1 gallon of water…….GREAT VALUE! Plus little to no odor!

  7. When I found out Lysol is harmful to the dogs and cats. If they walk on a floor cleaned with Lysol and then lick their feet it is harmful. When I read this I ask my vet and she agreed. I need something that would still kill bacteria and germs but was animal-friendly, so I found Cllorhexidine 2% for horses and dogs. It works really good, you can even bath them in it. I put it in a spray bottle one part solution to 5 or 6 parts water. It will leave a light film if it is not deluded enough. Has clean frangrent.

  8. I have used this product in my carpet cleaning machine, mop water, cleaning my African Grays cage, grout in shower, foot soak, occassionally in place of deodorant (I find it quite drying to my skin and nails if used too often), on my dog (helps with his frito feet smell), scraps, scratches, insect bites, washing machine when cleaning pet beds/plush pet toys/small throw rugs and dog towels.

  9. I like that this is easy to dilute, put in a sprayer, and it got rid of my pup’s folliculitis, and also prevents athletes foot, etc around a dog’s nails. It does not dry out his coat. I spray some on a damp towel, and wipe him down…he is clean, fresh without over bathing. Great for cuts, scrapes. My breeder got me onto this,and for the value…the gallon jug will last a LONG TIME>GREAT DEAL> very effective.

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