FoodSaver FSFSBF0226-FFP 1-Quart Precut Heat-Seal Bags, 44 Count, Clear

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  • FRESHNESS THAT LASTS FOR WEEKS, NOT DAYS: BPA-free multilayer design is constructed of durable yet pliable material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors
  • 8" x 10" PRECUT BAGS OFFER MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE: Quickly and easily portion food from bulk shopping or when storing leftovers. Just add food to the bag, insert the open end in a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, and the machine takes care of the rest
  • IDEAL FOR USE WITH FOODSAVER VACUUM SEALING SYSTEMS: The sealing strip in FoodSaver vacuum sealers heats to a precise temperature that works specifically with FoodSaver bag material, ensuring you get a secure airtight seal
  • 1 BAG, MULTIPLE USES: Use it when buying in bulk or on sale and storing the extra for later; portioning out meals throughout the week; camping and picnics; hunting and fishing; pantry storage; storing leftovers; sous vide cooking; and more
  • BPA-FREE MATERIAL: Safe for storing raw and cooked foods, it's also freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and boil safe

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FoodSaver FSFSBF0226-FFP 1-Quart Precut Heat-Seal Bags, 44 Count, Clear

FoodSaver FSFSBF0226-FFP 1-Quart Precut Heat-Seal Bags, 44 Count, Clear

FoodSaver FSFSBF0226-FFP 1-Quart Precut Heat-Seal Bags, 44 Count, Clear

FoodSaver FSFSBF0226-FFP 1-Quart Precut Heat-Seal Bags, 44 Count, Clear

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Brand Advantage

The FoodSaver brand provides a range of vacuum sealing systems and an array of useful accessories like containers, jar sealers, and wine-bottle stoppers as well as pre-cut freezer bags and rolls of bag material for creating custom-size bags.

FoodSaver Quart Heat-Seal Bags, 44 Count

Preserve freshness, flavor, and nutrients

FoodSaver heat-seal bags, vacuum seal rolls, and containers are designed to work with FoodSaver vacuum sealers to keep food fresh, eliminate waste, and save money.

FoodSaver Quart Heat-Seal Bags are pre-cut and ready-to-use, saving you time whenever you’re preserving leftovers, preparing make-ahead meals, and portioning bulk items in the freezer. Constructed of BPA-free multi-ply material that blocks moisture and oxygen, these bags protect its contents from freezer burn and spoilage.

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Why FoodSaver?

Stop Throwing Cash in the Trash

Keep food fresh up to 5x longer, compared to ordinary storage methods, allowing you to save (based on buying in bulk, on sale, and preventing waste).

Seal Freshness in

The vacuum sealing system automatically removes all the air from the bag and then uses heat to create an airtight seal, which locks out moisture and air to protect food and maintain freshness.

Make Seasonal Foods Last Longer

Enjoy the flavor of freshness in your recipes anytime of the year! Store fresh foods and herbs in individual bags so you have the right amount on hand instantly, then vacuum seal and freeze for use later.

Easy to Use

To use, simply add food to the bag, insert the open end in a FoodSaver heat-seal vacuum sealing system, and the machine takes care of the rest: removing all the air before creating an airtight seal.

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Why Choose FoodSaver Bags for Sous Vide Cooking?

Effectively Prepares Food

Sous vide allows you to precisely control your cooking temperature to achieve perfect results. You can cook sous vide in FoodSaver bags by placing them in water at any temperature up to 195°F/90°C.

Keeps Ingredients Secure

By using your FoodSaver vacuum sealing system, water can’t permeate through the bag and mess with your ingredients, so your food stays secure during its water bath.

Prevents Contents From Floating

FoodSaver bags and vacuum sealers are ideal for sous vide cooking because they remove all the air around the food, effectively ensuring that the bags will float less than ordinary zipper bags.

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Product description

FoodSaver 8″ x 10″ BPA-free multilayer construction Vacuum seal bags are precut and ready to use, saving you time whenever you’re preserving everyday foods, portioning bulk items in the freezer, or cooking sous vide. Constructed of BPA-free multi-ply material that blocks moisture and oxygen, These bags protect their contents from freezer burn and spoilage up to 5 times longer than nonvacuum storage methods.

  1. I needed some food saver bags for my food saver machine. I decided to purchase these particular food saving bags via ffp. The package arrived very quickly. The bags are perfect. They came in a food saving cardboard box. Forty-four bags worth of FoodSaver bags. They are the perfect size bags. They were also $10 less than the non ffp bags.

  2. Long time FoodSaver user and love these bags. I don’t know whether its that I have an older machine and/or user error, but making my own bags from the rolls has always been kind of hit or miss, with probably every third or fourth bag made failing to seal. Never have that problem with the pre-made bags, so at this point they’re all I buy.

  3. The bags work fine. The only reason I’m giving four stars instead of five is that the box they came in was just a plain cardboard box, which doesn’t fit in my drawer like the original boxes do. So don’t expect what you receive to look like the picture.

  4. I love the rolls, you can cut any size you want. I have been using Food Saver for about 20 years. This is my second one the old one just wore out from use. I live alone but can buy in bulk and also freeze meals for myself, like stew and soup. it is wonderful for stuff in the frig because it lasts longer. I do avacados and they last a week or so without turning black. Also strawberries last three or four times as long.

  5. I have used the FoodSaver bags for a couple of years and they always seal well. We get larger quantities of for food and split them up and freeze. The result user the FoodSaver is very pronounced when comparing them to freezer bags with zipper, etc. The food comes out even months later as fresh tasting as it went into the FoodSaver bags.

  6. love these bags with my new food saver, Super durable and thick you can tell they will keep your food fresh without freezer burn for a while.

  7. I like using these bags because all you have to do us slip the meat in and seal. It is great for wrapping hamburger when I buy great quality. My husband is a hunter and we use them to wrap his game.

  8. Used them up freezing squash and turnip last fall.It’s been 8 months now and no freezer burn yet.

  9. I love these bags. My son is hiking the Appalachian Trail and I make his trail meals in these bags. They are the perfect size. No worries of the bag splitting of or coming open in his pack. When he is ready to cook dinner all he needs to do is cut open the top and add boiling water. His meal cooks in the bag. The bags are perfect.

  10. Works perfectly in my FoodSaver vacuum sealer. I’ll never use freezer bags again!

  11. I used this paper to trace an old favorite dress to make a pattern. It worked for the purpose, Although I was hoping it was a thinner paper. This paper is like butcher paper. It is a very large roll and would be perfect for art work. I would definitely recommend it.

  12. I used this constantly to save food. I can buy different types of meats when they go on sale and using the vacuum seal bags I can freeze them for months at a time and not worry about freezer burn. I live alone and love to BBQ. It’s a pain to grill sausages or hamburgers for one person, plus a waste of fuel for the grill. I grill a grill full of sausages and using the bags I freeze the cooked meats and defrost them in the microwave and they taste like they just came off the grill.

  13. I love my FoodSaver, and using these bags makes the process go quickly. I freeze a lot of vegetables, and these bags keep them fresh and protects them from freezer burn for a long time.

  14. These food saver bags are as advertised. I love the pre-cut bags because the bottom is already sealed. I like that they come in various sizes. I have a lot of them so I will not need them for a while.

  15. Product is exactly as shown. Works with my foodsaver and I will continue to buy these. I go to the meat market locally and buy large amounts at a time. I used to divide and wrap everything in tin foil. This helps to save time and better preserve freshness.

  16. This is a absolutely great brand of food saver bags. Great quality for the price! Easy to work with and very durable!

  17. I package everything using the Food Saver system and these quart bags are just right for the two of us. Using the Food Saver has dramatically eliminated food spoilage and its a great way to freeze leftovers.

  18. I had a steamer for years and it finally gave out on me. So I looked around for something smaller than the one I have. This turned out to be perfect. It’s just the right size for me and my husband. Since we don’t really cook large amounts of food. It will hold a bag of shrimp and I place fish in the basket also. I have no complaints and would recommend this product.

  19. These are the bags I use most often with my Food Saver heat sealer. Although a bit more expensive than the “no name” bags I prefer them. The heat seal more reliably and have a write on area which I use.

  20. This is way better than the rolls for most food, you do not have to measure out what lenght you need to use, just put the food in & let the machine do the rest

  21. Very pleased with the product. They are just the right size to vacuum pack and freeze my fresh caught fish. I will definitely buy them again as I need them.

  22. The bags do not come as pictured. They cone in a brown box with a whit sticker. The bags inside are the genuine food saver bags. These are my absolute favorite size. Pretty much everything can fit in a quart size bag. I freeze chicken breasts individually as well as steaks and 1lb of ground beef. I can buy my meats in bulk and use my food saver bags and be the queen of food saving. I purchased 2 boxes and the product inside are as described. You will not be disappointed.

  23. Food stays sealed for a long time. I am not going to even try a cheaper brand. Frostbit food is too expensive.

  24. Love my food saver. I highly highly recommend this to eveyone….best way to keep food good

  25. Got these bags for my nutrichef vacuum sealer and it works perfectly. Just make sure you have the end of the bag as flat as possible. My first time, it didn’t vacuum any of the air out and I thought I had wasted my money. Turns out it was just user error. I tried it again, making sure I had the bag straight and the insert flat. Worked perfectly.

  26. I have been using the FoodSaver rolls. Takes me about 2 hours to freeze all of my meat purchases each week, because it is so hard to cut the rolls perfectly and I waste a lot of the product. I tried my first pack of the quart bags and the same amount of prep work took me 10 minutes. My friends told me to try the bags. Thankful. I love the product

  27. Arrived as expected, packaged as expected, and performed as expected. Did not exceed my expectations nor did they disappoint.In short, met my expectations.

  28. We save a lot of money by using our Foodsaver machine. Buy meat when it is on sale, and freeze it. The bags (& rolls) are a heavy duty plastic. You will not have any freezer burn. We use the pre-made bags. Write what is inside along with the date directly on the bag. Best way to freeze!!!

  29. She loves them and uses them several times a week. Can not run our home with out them.

  30. I really like these bags because they actually do save money in the long run. I have a freezer and buy on sale. The bags also work well for my Costco size cheese chunks. I have kept cheese that stayed fresh for quite a long time. They are suppose to be reusable, but that hasn’t worked well for me (unless I’m just using a portion and resealing the bag).

  31. I have more than what I need for now, but when I buy in bulk these bags do the trick.

  32. Item was as described just not packed in a food saver box. Appeared to be food saver bags and worked well.

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