HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB Charging Ports (5V/3.1A) and 6′ Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Black - Grey

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  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • 6 regular Outlets & 6 widely spaced Outlets, 2 USB Charging Ports with Smart IC Technology (5V/3.1A) and 1 usual USB Charging port. 4000 joule energy rating is ideal for computers, laser printers, telephones, and home theatre systems.
  • 6 Feet Heavy Duty UL listed Extension Cord ideal for home office and professional workstations, 4 Keyhole Mounting Slots on the back (easily mount it to a wall horizontally).
  • Overload Protection with the double break overload switch. Made of Flame Retardant Material which is able to withstand temperature up to 1,380℉(750℃).
  • Guaranteed Quality and All-around Protection: ETL Listed and FCC Certificated. Surge Protection with built-in LED light safeguards your expensive computers, smart phones and all other electronics from voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes.
  • What you will get: one Power Strip, one User Guide and one Warranty Card; Worry-free 24-month warranty, 30-day no-hassle return & refund guarantee and life time technical support.

Product Images

HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB Charging Ports (5V/3.1A) and 6' Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Black

HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB Charging Ports (5V/3.1A) and 6' Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Black

HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB Charging Ports (5V/3.1A) and 6' Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Black

HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB Charging Ports (5V/3.1A) and 6' Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Black

HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB Charging Ports (5V/3.1A) and 6' Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Black

HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB Charging Ports (5V/3.1A) and 6' Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Black

HOLSEM 12 Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 Smart USB Charging Ports (5V/3.1A) and 6' Heavy Duty Extension Cord, Black

Product description

HOLSEM-Your Safety is Our Priority


At HOLSEM, we dedicate ourselves to finding various solutions to an easier, smarter, and more convenient life style. By using the power of technology, we help people realize how much better the life could be.

We discover your needs for simplicity and limitless possibilities, and make products that truly take you there. We strive to provide our customers with premium quality. 

And we make sure when we do this, we do it in environmentally responsible ways.

HOLSEM Surge Protector 12 Outlets with 3 USB Ports 6 ft cord Power Strip, Black

12 x AC outlets and 3 USB ports:6 compactly allocated sockets and 6 widely spaced sockets are ideal for home office and professional workstations.
Surge Protection:Fully built-in 3-line (L-N, L-PE, N-PE) surge protection safeguards your devices from voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes. The green LED light makes the surge protection function visible and more reliable. 
Overload Protection: In the event of power overload (Rated Power:1875W), the reliable Double-Break safety switch will trip off automatically to protect your devices and your home. After one year’s testing and several adjustments by our dedicated engineers, we’ve found the most ideal force level for our Double-Break safety switch, and make sure it won’t get stuck after long term of use.
Heavy-duty power cord: 14AWG cord provides premium protection to your electronic devices and your home/office.
Made of Flame Retardant Material:able to withstand temperature up to 1,380℉(750℃).


Validation Method


1. Voltage Compatibility: AC 125V
2. Technical Parameters: 15A 60Hz
3. Rated Power: 1875W
4. Surge Energy: 4000J
5. Peak Current: 96000A
6. USB Total Max: 5V/3.1A 15W
7. Dimension:12.9*4.7*1.4 inch

Here is how you can validate your HOLSEM products:

Under the light, when the object is rotated lightly, the image with effect of 3D crystal relief sculpture can be observed with complete 360-degree viewing angles, as well as the effect of the letter ‘S’ zooming in and out.

A sturdy, safe and feature-rich surge protector with a stylish and trendy design

2 Smart USB Ports and 1 Common USB Port

The 2 built-in Smart IC technology USB ports detect your devices automatically and deliver the fastest possible charge speed up to 5V/3.1A.

Surge Protection

Surge Protection with built-in LED light safeguards your expensive computers, smartphones and all other electronics from voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes. The green LED light makes the surge protection function visible and more reliable.

Overload Protection
In the event of power overload, the reliable Double-Break safety switch will trip off automatically to protect your devices and your home. The grey switch on top is designed to be perfectly loose, to ensure it won’t get stuck after long time of use. And it acts as a cover for the real safety switch underneath to protect the red switch from accumulating dust or dirt. After one year’s testing and several adjustments by our dedicated engineers, we’ve found the most ideal force level for our Double-Break safety switch.

Keyhole slots on the back
Keyhole slots on the back allow you to mount it to a wall or baseboard horizontally.

Mounting Method

1. Measure the distance between the 2 keyhole slots with the same direction on the back of the power strip.

2. Punch 2 holes on the baseboard with the distance you just measured and insert  two self-tapping screws( M2.5 to M3.5, MIN length 12mm).

3. Put the power strip into the screws and then pull it down a little bit. Please ensure that the screws slide into the smaller holes.


Black, Grey, White

  1. Really love this power strip. I did a lot of research before I purchased this one. Read all the reviews and decided this one fit my needs. I have different shaped power charging cords and needed them to fit different ways. This works GREAT for just those types. Plenty of room between plugs, able to turn items different ways and still getting them to fit securely and safely. The end has three USB ports which is perfect when you need them without taking up the plugs. Will be back to purchase more of this item soon. Highly recommend. Just had a big thunderstorm in our area with massive amounts of lightning. Our electricity did go out and my surge protector worked just like it was suppose to. Had everything important plugged into it and nothing was done to any of my electronics.

  2. Great outlet, I absolutely love the show space provided. We can plug in many larger box units and charge 3 USB devices while having many smaller plugs in our outlet as well. One of the best designed outlet designs. I also love that the cord from this surger to the wall is pretty lengthy.

  3. Purchased this product in at the end December of last year. It was everything I wanted it to be. Less than 2 months later, however, it’s making a clicking electricity sound, which is very troubling. Ive disconnected it and stopped using it. I tried to contact Holsem via their website, but the contact us page doesn’t work. Their listed phone number there is also 123456789.So my only resort is this review. I really liked the product and hope it is replaced under warranty, but if you could hear it, you’d be afraid to use it, too.UPDATE: Epic customer service! Holsem took care of me in 1 day. Thank you!

  4. The power strip in general is very nice. Well built, nice design and we really like the USB charging capabilities. HOWEVER, the on/off switch is a joke. If this is going to be used in an environment where you will be turning it on and off a fair amount (every day), I would not buy this again. If the strip is going to be used in a situation where it is left on all the time, then go for ahead and purchase it.EDIT – HOLSEM saw the above review and contacted me to point out that the “switch” I mentioned was actually a cover for the switch. We checked it out and that was indeed the case; under the cover is a robust switch that should last for many, many years. Satisfied, I ordered several more HOLSEM Surge Protector/Power Strips.

  5. I love this power strip for both its form and function. Works great and looks great. I did have to email HOLSEM in order to register my power strip and to receive the one year warranty extension offered, as their website is not configured securely but that is the only issue I’ve had. The HOLSEM Surge Protector Power Strip provides more than enough outlets as I’m currently using only half of them plus two of the three USB charger ports. All work as advertised and infinitely more attractive than my old faithful APC Surge Arrest (still going strong since 2001). Additionally, the slots provided on the back of the unit allow for hanging on the wall if so desired.I will update in future should the basis for this review change. Recommend this product!

  6. UPDATE (11/06/2018)So far this product is holding up extremely well. One hundred percent satisfied with zero issues. Those who are hesitant to purchase this product, just go for it, and you wont regret it. If you do regret it, HOLSEM will back you up with their excellent customer service.UPDATE (9/23/2017)HOLSEM contacted me personally and have sent me a brand new replacement despite the return window closed.In terms of customer service, they are EXCELLENT. Never encountered such service before.I would literally stick with HOLSEM for future purchases, as they are absolutely reliable and are willing to listen.Regarding the product reliability, I give an update after 2 months of use. For now, i am giving them 5-stars.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________I have been using this fine for the past 2-months. This morning, I was working home and I was plugging in my labtop charger into the adapter, and all of a sudden saw a big spark and a “POP” sound.I immediately removed my charger from the adapter, and instantly noticed a burnt smell and color changed to black.The adapter still seems to work. I’ve tried plugging my monitor to it and it seems to be still working. However, I will not use it as i’m afraid it may catch electric fire.+ The return eligibility has ended 2 weeks ago. I have no way to contact the seller to return or get it replaced.

  7. I have the dreaded “two outlet” bedroom – and eight things that need to be plugged in. This thing has been a HUGE help in finally letting me bring some order to the extension cord/ power strip chaos next to my bed Everything these days seems to have those huge plug “heads” that won’t fit side by side on the average power strip. The six side outlets allow for room for all of my large power plugs/adapters to fit – FINALLY in one spot! The USB ports are great too, allowing both my phone and tablet to charge while I sleep. The cord is very heavy duty and while I (thankfully) have not experienced a power surge yet in which my stuff would need protection, this thing feels very substantial and I have confidence in its ability to do its job. Its given me a lot more peace of mind over having multiple extension cords running all over the place, worrying about overload and fire hazards.

  8. I’m very happy with this power strip. I’ve had a decent 6 plug ace power strip for well over 15 years. With a fan, lights, laptop, phones, tablets, and more I’ve desperately needed something with more, better spaced plugs and the USB ports are great for getting rid of extra plugs.I used 2 command strips to attach it to the wall behind my nightstand and bed – a faster and much simpler option than trying to measure out those holes exactly. It’s already made the mess of wires more organized and I have plenty of space for more.The only complaint I might have – and it’s very minor – why only two smart USB plugs? Why not all three?But I’m very please with my purchase and next time I need a surge protector I’ll come to Holsem first.

  9. I got this surge protector a couple weeks ago, and I love it! It has a good, sturdy cord, and the material it’s made of is very high-quality. It has lots of outlets and quickly charges anything I plug in. I love that it has so many outlets, including some that are widely spaced for bigger plugs, and 3 USB ports, which I use all the time. I believe two of these ports are smart USB ports and one isn’t, but I wish they were better marked. There may be a visual way to tell them apart, but I’m blind, and there’s no way to tell them apart by touch. Other than that, I absolutely love this surge protector! It’s great for my bedroom, which is part home office. If you’re looking for a high-quality surge protector with plenty of outlets and USB ports, I highly recommend this one!

  10. I figured the configuration would work for me, and it does.What I did not expect and am delighted about is the quality of the 6 foot cord on it. It’s good quality, slightly rubberized rather than that type of crappy plastic like cords so many others use. Heavy duty and after you straighten it a bit, it lies very flat, where you lay it down. This is very good.High quality unit. Obvious, I cannot speak to its surge suppression ability but it has a seriously high joules rating. This should last a very long time.

  11. I went ahead and purchased two of the Holsem Power Strips and have been using them for almost a month as of this writing. Overall, it has a good build quality, nice design and feel, with a led indicator whether its protected or not and 3 USB ports that supports IQ charging. I really like this product but there was an issue and am not sure why this happened.One of the power strips had only 4 outlets being used at the time, and a weird smell starting coming from the power strip. I ran over and saw that in one of the outlets, it was melting inwards and melted a hole all the way to the underside of the powerstrip. I am still not sure why this happened, but I have decided to stop using one of the two powerstrips I’ve purchased. The other one still works fine though.

  12. Pros – Overall, high quality construction. Plug and cord thicker than expected. Surprisingly slender, yet solid. Enough spacing of sockets. Attractive. Very good warranty, with an extra free year offered if you register the Amazon order number on their website (easy).Cons – Several people have mentioned here the looseness of the “On/Off” switch. Yup. Why? Apparently, according to their Customer Relations, it’s supposed to be that way – the internal switch is firm. But, “why”? And a big dislike: the tiny activation light (and I do mean “tiny”). Not really visible across a room. Why so small?Everything worked perfectly, including all the USB ports. Easy to use, no problems. And I feel really comfortable that it will be an excellent surge protector. Would I purchase again? Yes. But the above “Cons” really keep it from being a total 5-star review. (I also purchased, simultaneously, an 8-socket Holsem. Exactly the same as above, just 4 fewer receptacles. The same review findings.)

  13. Thank you HOLSEM for an excellent quality power strip. It is amazingly of an outstanding design. It carries well obvious qualities in every aspect. The number of well-spaced outlets allows the user to stack many plugs, without worrying about being jammed against each other. Plus, in addition to the very handy 3 USB outlets, the extension wire length is extremely important to me, personally. I can plug it into any of my wall outlets and move it away from the wall at any desirable distance. To be truthful, I have been looking for an extension cord, with such excellent features, for a long long time. Thank you HOLSEM for a quality designed product. Finally, I am fully satisfied, and encourage any one to try it, without wasting time and money on other poorly-designed products.

  14. I have been buying Holsem surge protectors for the past year.My first purchase was this very 12 outlet surge protector. I bought it based on overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews.From the moment I unboxed it and plugged it in, I was hooked! This is a quality-made surge protector like no other for the price point. It’s as if Apple made this product — that’s how perfect it is.The first thing you will notice is how “loaded” this device is with AC outlets and USB charging ports. As you know already, you can plug up to 12 devices into this unit. The only downside with so many outlets is that they are packed rather close together. This means if you plug in a block type plug, it will take up more than one outlet space. It looks like Holsem has tried to alleviate this problem somewhat by configuring connections on the sides and the middle. If you are lucky, you might be able to get normal and box plugs to coexist together.In addition to the 12 plug outlets, there are three USB charging connections. Two IQ ports have a charging speed of 5V/3.1A and the third has a charging speed of 5V/1.0A. IC technology automatically detects the device you are plugging into it and then provides the fastest charging.And what would a surge protector be without overload protection? In the event of such an overload, the safety switch will trip off automatically thus protecting your plugged in devices and ultimately, your home. The adapter is also flame retardant and features a 6-foot cord which gives you plenty of room to place this device exactly where you need it.As I noted previously, for me it was love at first sight. This is really a surge protector to behold. Once you use this in your home, you won’t want to go with any other brand. I have bought two additional slightly smaller 8 outlet surge protectors that Holsem also supports. As of the writing of this review, the smaller strip was remarkably slightly more expensive than this one. So, if that’s the case for you it’s a no-brainer to go for the larger protector.On the back of this surge protector are keyholes that you can mount this to a wall or baseboard.Extremely happy with this brand. As I stated earlier, I won’t buy anything else. I believe you’ll be just as happy with this purchase.

  15. After reading in the news that a home had about $650,000 damage due to a faulty powerstrip, I decided to replace several old ones that I’ve been using for over 20 years. The old powerstrips only had sockets for 6 electrical devices so Holsem’s 12 sockets was a big advantage. The quality is good but my main concern is that it’s UL rated. Looking at the specs for some other powerstrips, I noticed that not all had the UL rating. Some had European ratings which are based on other requirements that I’m not familiar with. I feel safer with the UL rating. Installing a new powerstrip gave me a chance to clean up all the cables behind my computer – a much needed job!

  16. There’s a reason this surge protector gets high scores and can be found at the top or near the top of every professional review…it does it’s job, and it does it well. Unfortunately, there seems to be some people out there who don’t understand how electricity works, hence some of the one and two star reviews here on Amazon. Here’s a few tips: a microwave rated at 900 watts typically pulls around 1,100 to 1,200 watts from the wall, and surge protectors with multiple outlets like this aren’t meant to be used with appliances like microwaves. If you need a surge protector for your microwave, get a single outlet direct plug in that meets UL 1449 safety standards. Also, just because a surge protector is rated at 1,875 watts doesn’t mean your wall outlet and/or breaker box can handle the power draw even if you’re only using half of that. I guess common sense isn’t so common, and it makes me wonder how some people manage to dress themselves much less function on a day to day basis.Now for the review…I have over $2,500 worth of electronics plugged into this thing, and I wouldn’t be giving it 5 stars if it didn’t deserve 5 stars. Here’s a list: a custom-built gaming/editing PC including an overclocked Ryzen 2700X and watercooled & overclocked Gigabyte 1080 Ti, 27″ 1440p 144hz monitor, 32″ 1440p 144hz monitor, Steinberg UR12, uninterruptible power supply, printer, land line phone and whatever Comcast’s newest modem is, and everything is working just fine. The Steinberg has the option to be powered by the motherboard or a 5v micro USB plug, so the 5v USB plugs on the Holsem are perfect. The sound of my mic is WAY cleaner now than when I had it plugged into the mobo or when it was plugged into my old surge protector (Belkin F9H710-06). I’m able to turn the gain up higher without as much noise which means less work in post. I’m very happy with the performance of this surge protector and the 20 or so minutes I spent doing research on it paid off. For $33, this thing is a steal.

  17. I bought this surge protector specifically because of odd sized plugs. I was using another one that had 6 ports. However, I never could use more than 4-5 of them, because odd shaped plugs would take up more than their fair share of room and you couldn’t squeeze another one in. I don’t know why this is a thing and why there isn’t more standardization, but it’s a fact.With this device, I get double the amount of ports and all the odd sized stuff can go on the outside. I’ve basically only used half of them and have all my devices plugged in that I want to be plugged in. I haven’t had a landline phone beside my bed for years, because I didn’t have room for a bulky plug when I take almost all my calls on my cell phone. On top of that, I had one port where I was constantly plugging and unplugging something to make room to charge something else.As an additional benefit, this device has (3) USB charging ports. One of mine on the old surge protector was basically dedicated to a power block that allowed me to charge 2 USB items at once. So these dedicated charging ports will free up, yet another outlet for me.I do plan to order outlet covers for all the unused ones, to keep dust or debris from getting in them. I was also reading one review that says it might not be the best surge protector out there, but it was the only item I could find, listed as a surge protector, that had the port spacing I was looking for.

  18. Why did amazon ask me to rank it’s “for traveling”? I would say this is NOT for traveling. It’s a rather huge surge protector whose best place is at home with 12 electronics plugged into it.It’s a very handsome black plastic and I love it because it feels like a quality product, not those cheap surge protectors you would get from Lot-Less or Jack’s. The wire plugging this surge protector into the outlet is very heavy duty as well. I currently have it at home for 2 laptops, one desk lamp, one floor lamp, and one handheld vacuum. I also occasionally will plug usb things on it to charge. Overall, a very efficient surge protector that can handle a lot!

  19. First there’s the obvious — USB plus standard AC outlets and lots of them. Ever had issues with having plenty of outlets but you couldn’t use them all because other items blocked access? The varied layout leaves a greater likelihood to be able to use all of the outlets. Additionally, it’s able to handle everything I’ve plugged into it without issues. But, let’s be realistic folks . . . there are certain devices that just aren’t supposed to be plugged into extension cords (i.e., large appliances, space heaters, etc.). It seems a lot of the poor ratings are relative to improper use such as this. You will flip the breaker if you try and use this power strip for such purposes. This is not a fault of the power strips. This is just a matter of not using the right tool for the job.

  20. This is a terrific 12-outlet surge protector and unlike other outlets this not only gives you an extension for different devices but also protects them from power outages. What I really like about the design of this first protectors the fact that it comes with 12 Outlets that are uniquely placed down the middle and on the sides. I think the biggest thing you run into when you plug something in his the outlet is too close to the next outlet so you can actually plug in a 3-prong device. However this protector comes with widely spaced outlets on the outside and more closely packed outlets on the inside. Was also nice is the fact that it comes with 3 USB ports and it comes with a on and off power switch. Of the three USB ports, to our smart ports which means that you can charge devices much faster than the normal speed. Overall you can charge multiple devices and protect him from power outages so this is a really good product.

  21. This thing is a tank! It is built super sturdy and has so many outlets I never have to worry about running out of space! The cord length is a little short but I am just using it at my desk and the length is fine for my purposes! The design is pretty well thought out so that if you have giant power plugs you can plug those into the side outlets and not take up 3-4 outlet plugs at once! It also comes with three USB ports branded as smart charging which seems to me to just mean that it will give the fastest charge possible to your USB device which is nice but not too noticeable honestly. It is nice to not take up an outlet for charging my phone and other electronics so that I really maximize this power strip as much as possible. It seems well built and it is definitely one of if not the best surge power strip I have ever used!If you thought my review was helpful, please click below! Thanks!

  22. I am currently in the process of building a little office space at my house and needed an outlet that could manage several periphals at once. After some reviewing I went with the holsem outlet. I love that it has surge protectors capabilities to keep all my electronics safe. The outlet comes well packaged and feels heavy duty, I love layout of al lthe outlets making it super efficient to have several items without the adapters bumping into each other. Love the usb ports making it super easy to hook up my phone without having to use the adapter, the 3.1A charges pretty quick. Recently we had a little storm in which we had a little power surge and the the outlet worked like a charm.

  23. When I first plugged this in the protection light was not on and that was troubling. It’s now on and all is well. I use this in our kitchen (KEEP AWAY FROM WATER SOURCE…ITS NOT GFCI) as the green indicator lights would be too bright for night time use in a bedroom. The light is perfect as a kitchen nightlight! It’s far too large to travel with. I secured it to the wall with industrial strenght Velcro. The outlet placement and space in betweenthe outless is perfect for larger plug adapters and the USB ports work great! We have an Android and iOS charging cords plugged in at all times—super convenient!

  24. These are great. I had a mess of two power strips under the computer desk both full, full on fire hazard. This replaced both with spots to spare. The second one I bought was used on top of the entertainment center where our tv is mounted. Perfect spot to use the usbs to charge phones, and again replaced a jumble of cords on a teeny power strip with this nice, large surge protector. I love that they have a switch to shut them off easily when we leave town or when the computer is not in use. Very happy with the purchase.

  25. This is a “set it and forget it” device that I have been using for about 6 months and just now thought to write a review.Four of the power adapter plugs are powering external hard dives and the other plugs are catering to a Mac, a PC, a printer, tv/monitor and an Ott lamp used on my “Review Table”.With all of that turned on, I can also recharge my phone and iPad at the same time in the USB ports.You have all the product specs in the listing so, see if this power strip will meet your needs. I have had zero problems with it and have been very happy with its performance. In fact, I am thinking about buying another one for upstairs.

  26. Pros+ Tons of plugs+ can easily support wall warts AND regular plugs+ Has screw holes for mounting+Packaging has ZERO PLASTIC! Kudos! (Yes the item is plastic, but I don’t think cardboard power strip would be very durable 😆🔥)Con (or a pro depending on how you use it)- The main switch is a very large button. This is good enough to tap with your toe, if you want to shut off accessories as you leave your desk….however…the switch has a very light throw. Don’t put any “mission critical” items on this, in case the switch is accidentally thrown. My cat could easily trip this.Good design overall, but like I said…if you want a large/easy switch then this is great for you…not a great choice for items that must stay on without fail.

  27. I like this power strip a lot. I think there are ample plugs for the devices I need and it makes room for my DC adapters too. The integrated USB-A charging ports are very useful so I don’t have to occupy a plug slot with a charging adapter. I particularly like that it has two IQ ports, so my devices charge relatively quickly on these. No issues. The only thing I wish were different is the power switch on the top. The switch is very sensitive to the touch, it doesn’t take much to turn it off. Most of the time there is no issue at all, but if I’m not careful while plugging something in, moving it, dusting my desk, etc, then I can inadvertently power off the whole thing. I only wish it were a little more deliberate an action, maybe a cover over it to prevent accidental touching. Other than that, it’s great.

  28. I have 3 of these, 1 silver and 2 black, the silver is definitely easier to find, especially if you have it in a dark spot or it’s loaded with plugs. The black is perfect for blending in. They are larger than what I have used in the past, but this has turned out to be a good thing. There is plenty of space for all types of plugs and wall warts mixed together. And I have some weird ones that are very irregularly shaped and large. Both wall warts and plugs. They are all incredibly sturdy and durable. Including the USB ports. And it is very nice to have extras of those. Especially with fast charging. The cord is also very well made. I have a a high load on my primary one of these and the cord has never warmed up at all. I actually did a stress test and even at the 15 Amp maximum draw of the house’s circuits, this thing goes on without heating up at all. The surge protector and USB ports worked fine during the stress test too. The cord is also just as durable as the rest of it. Including the plug. And it is still flexible. Many cords this tough end up being stiff, but this one will take any punishment and still wind tightly around anything you want it to. My second one has survived a big aquarium spill directly onto the power and USB ports. Nothing plugged into it was damaged and the device itself was easily cleaned and dried back to new condition. The lights for the power and protection are clearly visible when looking at them, but they aren’t bright enough to disturb sleep at all. I have had to arrange some of the plugs and wall warts so that they don’t block each other, but this was very easy and I still have access to every single one of the outlets. I have been searching and trying to find a perfect surge protector outlet strip for over a decade and I am going to be sticking with these for the rest of my life unless they release a nearly identical version with more power to the USB ports… Or if they find a way to improve the geometry of the outlets, which seems impossible to me

  29. I didn’t get it for surge protection, but rather to have be able to plus additional items in a safer manner in my depression era city apartment. I like that the strip is rugged and substantial, the placement of the outlets (so many are too close, and the number you can use is substantially less than cited). And of course I like that there is the overcurrent protection. In all, I feel safer knowing that I’ve upgraded to this quality of power strip.

  30. This 12 outlet surge Protector has plenty of room for my simple needs. It is next to my recliner. The 6′ cord fir the wall has a velcro strip to hold unneeded cord and it seems neater than 4′ cords I put tape on. Because 2 of my plugs are oversized I cannot use all outlets. Since I only have 6 permanent plug ins I like having 2 open plugs for use of things I use occasionally. The package was great. I didn’t have to rip anything to get to product.

  31. I’ve been using this surge protector for 6 weeks and I have not experienced any issues. Very Handy with 6 outlest having enough space for those larger plugs. This was definitely a good buy for me as I have filled up all 12 outlets. Mounts nicely to the wall.1. 65″LG OLED,2. marantz SR7012 which is 9.2 200 watt per channel,3. Crown 200 watt pre amps,4. rotel pre amp,5. SVS PB3000 800 watt sub woofer,6. fire stick,7. cable modem/router,8. echo dot,9. Cable box10 Onkyo stereo/receiver11. CD player12 Blue Ray player

  32. I needed a surge protector strip. I saw this as amazon recommended me. So I purchased. I am using for a week now and I love the design. The plug has some gaps between each other so there is no waste plug in it. You can use variety of plugs at once in this strip. Very nice and good design. The size is little big but what else it could be with all the plugs and USB. As a Texas resident, we get a lot of Hurricane and storms, I think this will be perfect to protect my electronics. You can plug almost 12 device to this powerfull surge protector. There are 2 USB IQ charging plug they can charge 5v power. If somehow plug is overload, it will trigger the switch and you will be protected. It has also nice long cord so you can run it anywhere you want in a reasonable space. You can mount it to the wall thanks to the holes in the back. I highly recommend this surge protector to anyone.

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