Stewart Pro-Treat, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, Grain Free, USA Made

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  • 100% SOURCED & MADE IN THE USA. Our treats are locally sourced throughout the US and freeze dried in Dayton, Ohio under our own roof, to use with confidence under yours.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENT & NOTHING ELSE! The only ingredient in this recipe is USDA-certified, human-grade bison liver so these treats are all natural, grain free, gluten free, soy free, corn free and have no preservatives, artificial colors, additives or flavors.
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT = MANY HEALTH BENEFITS. Your dog craves organ meat and livers are packed with protein and nutrients. They are rich with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B12, iron, folic acid, magnesium and taurine. Our treats can be used for indulging your pet or as a food topper. Either way, they receive all of the natural benefits that liver has to offer!
  • CONVENIENT RAW NUTRION. Feeding raw food can be messy, expensive and time consuming. We start with raw liver then our innovative freeze drying process preserves the nutritional integrity while creating a shelf-stable product. Our resealable tubs make it easy to treat your pet after potty breaks, during training exercises or whenever you just can’t resist their sweet face!
  • THE ORIGINAL FREEZE DRIED TRAINING TREAT! There is only one original and it’s us! We’ve been making dog treats the same way since 1973. They have been the preferred choice of professional trainers for almost 50 years. Stewart Pro-Treats are Guaranteed Delicious. If you or your dog are not satisfied, our customer care team will make it right.

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Stewart Pro-Treat, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, Grain Free, USA Made

Stewart Pro-Treat, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, Grain Free, USA Made

Stewart Pro-Treat, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, Grain Free, USA Made

Stewart Pro-Treat, Freeze Dried Dog Treats, Grain Free, USA Made

From the manufacturer

Stewart, Pro-Treat, training treats, dog treats, no fillers, chicken liver, beef liver, natural, USA

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Stewart, Pro-treat, dog treats, chicken liver, single protein, no fillers, natural, made in USA

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Three Reasons Why Pet Parents Trust, Choose and Love to Give Their Dogs Stewart’s Pro-Treats

dog treats, no fillers, natural, Stewart, Pro-Treats, chicken liver, love, joy, excitement

Stewart, Pro-Treat, Made in USA, dog treats, training, delicious, no fillers, natural

Serving service animals who spread love to seniors, children and more. #ServiceSmiles

Human-Grade Ingredients

Gently processed in our Midwest manufacturing facility, our freeze dried liver dog treats have been making dogs sit, stay and jump for joy for over 40 years.

Palatable Taste Dogs Love

Our single-protein treats are made with wholesome ingredients, so you can relax and enjoy time spent with your best friend.

Serving Service and Therapy Animals

We celebrate service and therapy dogs who work hard to spread the love to seniors, children’s hospitals, people with special needs and so much more. Share your service or therapy dog story with our hashtag ShareTheJoy.

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Love and Excitement in Every Bite

fresh and pure, pro-treat, Stewart, made in USA, natural, chicken liver, dog treats

single protein dog treats, no fillers, natural, chicken liver, made in USA, no fillers

dogs love, dog treats, favorite treats, tastes good, chicken liver, no fillers, natural, Stewart

Stewart, dog treats, pro-treats, bucket, resealable, container, natural, made in USA, no fillers

Fresh and Pure

Who’s a good dog? Yours is! That’s why we include only the good stuff, wholesome ingredients. Pro-Treats top the list of safe dog treats.

Single Protein Treats

All protein, every day and in every treat. It’s what your dog craves and we deliver with eight different kinds of grain-free, gently processed treats.

Tail-Wagging Taste

Even with no added flavorings, our delicious treats bring dogs running. Long-lasting appeal makes Pro-Treats the best treats for dog training.

Bucket of Fun

Our trademarked resealable blue bucket is a great value and keeps treats fresh. Bring out the bucket and watch your dog’s eyes light up.

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dog treats, Stewart, made in USA, natural, no fillers, chicken liver, training, tasty, love

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Product description

Stewart Pro-Treat freeze dried liver treats are all natural dog treats made with 100% pure bison liver. With just one ingredient, Pro-Treat is a grain free and gluten-free dog treat. Considered a high value reward, Stewart freeze dried liver treats have been one of the best dog treat brands on the market for over 40 years. Stewart liver treats are also perfect as a food topper for picky eaters, or anytime you just want healthy dog snack. When it comes to treats, we know that peace of mind is important. Rest assured that our quality standards ensure that you’re feeding safe dog treats, as well as the best natural dog treats made in USA.

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