TROND Surge Protector Power Strip with 3 USB Ports, ETL Listed, 7 Widely-Spaced Outlets, Flat Plug, 1700 Joules, 15A 5ft Extension Cord, Wall Mount

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  1. I first want to start off by saying TROND is an amazing company that will work with you through any problems your device may be having. When I got this devices is was perfect for my entertainment set up. It allowed be to plug in everything I needed while having all the ports available no matter the size of my adapters. This power strip also has built in mounting brackets and I used them to screw into my entertainment stand to have better cable management. The USB ports are an added bonus to help charge less power demanding options such as controllers.

  2. size is right for another bedroom ,it doesn’t take too much space ,perfect !

  3. I’ve become a big fan of Trond Surge Protectors. Purchased one last year for my nightstand with outlets & USB ports, continues to work real well and therefore purchased similar for my other nightstand. That said, I’ve purchased this model to support my entertainment center, works well that enables me to plug my cell phone to charge and also has a slim plug that allows me to push my entertainment center plus up against the wall. Thank you Trond.

  4. Great power strip! It’s made of quality materials, and I love the ability to mount it with screws. The cord is very thick and should hold up over the years.

  5. It took a few days to comment, this plug-in board is really easy to use, fine workmanship, thick wires, and it looks very safe.

  6. I needed something for my room. I had wires going everywhere and some didn’t have anything to plug into. I got sick and tired of switching out plugs. I got this and mounted it on my wall. Got my stuff organized. What I loved about this is it had usb. I don’t have to waste a plug in with a brick. Has surge protection and you can flip it on and off to shit down power to everything. Great product!

  7. I bought this for my guestroom. We have a a duplex outlet with the need for more plugs. I wanted a power strip that I could attached to the wall. This was easy to do that. Just what I needed.

  8. I really like the design of the plug. It’s perfect to put behind my bed.

  9. Love it

  10. This product is working very well! It seems like there is an never an outlet where we want one in our house and this power strip is a big help. I like the 3 USB ports and the 5 foot cord also.

  11. Really handy with both the USB and the wall hugger plug. It also does provide adequate power to the USB plugs when fully loaded.

  12. This had the perfect number of outlets and USB ports for my desk set up, works great!!

  13. Really nice surge protector. It has plenty of places to plug in and they are spaced far which apart to all be used, even with relatively large plugs. The USB ports are very helpful for charging electronics. Most importantly, it has a flat plug. Just what we needed.

  14. I like that this surge protector has the ability to attach to a wall. It has USB ports which are great for lights and charging. It’s got lots of plugs so I’m able to put all I need to in it.

  15. I mounted this to my couch table and it works great ! Very happy, it came with mounting screws and everything needed.

  16. Needed a mountable surge protector for my home office and this fit that bill nicely. Seems like a very quality product.

  17. Definitely a quality product. Will buy again for sure.

  18. Quality product. Exactly what they said it was and exactly what I needed.

  19. This surge protector has been very useful since I bought it. I like that the AC power outlets are spaced wide apart that I can plug in multiple things at once without them getting in the way of each other. I especially like that there are 3 USB plug ins to charge 3 items at once. I like that the on and off switch is conveniently on its side and easy to reach. The plug is of heavy duty material too so fraying won’t be a problem for this one. Definitely a must buy.

  20. Nicely packaged, convenient option for powering multiple electronics. Seems everything is USB powered these days so it’s nice to have the USB charging/power option.

  21. Great upgrade of a power strip from this company. Love the low profile and the 90 degree flat wall plug.Simply the best and I have been buying power strips for decades with my studios here in Nashville TN USA.

  22. Excellent product

  23. The easiest wall mount item I have bought,the tabs on the side make it so you don’t have to find the right screw heads and then hope you measured right to get it to slide on the precise location of the screw heads,terrible idea,this is so easy a third grader could do it,I love this,bought 2 will buy more,no more of the old style and the 2 ports to charge your phone or I pad or in my case wireless headphone,GREAT. If you buys one you will never buy the old style again,if you need wall mount.

  24. Really good

  25. It looks great and performs well, haven’t had any trouble.

  26. I purchased this power strip for my computer area. I wanted to be able to plug in multiple items & simultaneously charge items with my USB cords. This was the ideal item for what I needed.

  27. Compact. I can plug in large pliugs next to each other without crowding. I can plug in everything I need for my entertainment center.

  28. It did exactly what I needed it to do. I just wish there were more USB ports to plug into.

  29. Great

  30. The quality is very good,very real,like.

  31. The mounting ability of these power strips is amazing, and they have enough plugs plus the USB ports for any IT person to plug everything in, to the standard user with a dual screen setup.

  32. I was looking for a good outlet strip that I could mount under my desk. This was easy to mount and it works great.

  33. This power strip is awesome!

  34. I know its simple and might seem small, but i’ve had so many headaches with trying to mount surge protectors on my walls with the holes on the back or underside. These little mounting tabs on the outside being easily accessible are literally everything. I love them and mounted it under my desk with ease. Little things, big impact.The unit itself is great. Sturdy, looks really good, delivers as expected. Total Win. I’ll probably only buy these from now on.

  35. just received, so far so good

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